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Private and semi-private gate picture gallery
Privacy and semi-private gates can be built entirely out of
metal or out of a combination of iron and wood.

Arches or decorative ornamental iron work can be added
to privacy gates while still keeping your home enclosed
and private from people passing by.

A combination of iron and wood gates can be fabricated.  
these gates are built using iron square tubing frame.  
Frames can be built to swing or slide open.  This
combination goes well when privacy is need.  These iron
and wood gates go perfectly with existing ceder fences.
Since gates are made with a iron frame they are far more
durable than doors that are made entirely from wood.
Iron gates can be built to provide
security and privacy to your home.
Iron and wood privacy gates
can be built to either swing or
Semi-private gates provide
privacy while still allowing
air to pass freely into your
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