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Custom gate Gallery.
Custom iron gate with arch and 1/2
Custom sliding gate with Arch: This gate is our most
economical and popular gate.  This gate was built using a 2"
square frame.  A Beautiful Arch was placed on top of gate.  
Beautiful hand made scroll work was placed in middle of
Arches.  Scroll work can be changed to suit taste.  A second
set of stringers was placed on lower half of gate for
customer's pets.  Decorative collars were placed on small
pickets to add flare to the gates.  Center portion of gate can
also be changed.  Many customers choose to place a
silhouette, initial, or other decorative item.
Decorative gate.  
Gate includes decorative
double arch's with hand made
scroll work.  A second set of
stringers was placed on lower
portion of this gate so
customers pets would not be
able to fit through.  Customers
initial was placed on middle of
Sliding gate and panels with
Decorative coat of arms
Sliding gate built from 1/2" round smooth bar
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